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City Reviews/Flavors on the Go

San Francisco:
Slanted Door (lunch is an easier reservation time and fun to walk through the bustling Embarcadero Center)
Tartine (expect a wait!)
 Sushi Cebo (clean unique fish, NOT about mayo/fried stuff!)
Beretta (drinks, pizza)
Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack (out of the way but great small local spot)
Embarcadero Center
Muir Woods
Dolores Park
Golden Gate Park
Healdsburg Bar & Grill  (burgers on the patio)
Lambert Bridge Winery

Sol y Luna (migas)
Kerbey Lane (Kerbey queso)
South Congress Café
Stubbs BBQ
San Jose Hotel

Café a la Folie
La Carreta
The News Lounge and Bar
World Resource Café
Michael’s Genuine Food

New York:
Blue Ribbon Sushi
Café Habana
Crispo Italian

Los Angeles:
Malo Mexican
Urth Cafe

Buenos Aires:
Osaka (ask for seat on rooftop)
Bar 6
Olsen (particularly brunch)
Sagardi (San Telmo, after Antique Market)
Sanjuanino (empanadas!)
Home Hotel

Rakusho Kusho Maru

Hong Kong:
Maxim’s Dim Sum
Yee Shum Milk Company

Flavors to Come (fingers crossed)
New Orleans, good old USA
San Diego, good old USA
Portland, good old USA
Nashville, good old USA
Toronto, Canada
Montreal, Canada
London, England
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
Cartajena, Colombia
Quito, Peru

Most Memorable Meals (in chronological order):

1. Grilled seafood sitting on a Carribean beach with my family in Cayo Sombrero, Venezuela

2. A bag of Spanish olives on a 45 minute walk through the city, Madrid

3. A Couscous dinner on hostal rooftop in Sahara Desert, Morroco

4. Cheap wine, cheese, and bread sitting on a park bench in front of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

5. Empanadas at 4AM from Charlotte Bakery after hitting the bars, South Beach, Miami

5. Tasting menu at Aqua (a surprise dinner with what would turn out to be my future husband, celebrating the a year since the first night we went out dancing together), San Francisco

6. Traditional Japanese dinner and breakfast in kimonos in our room at Hakone Riokan, Japan

7. Grilled seafood on the beach looking out to Jimboree Bay, Bali

8. Bowl of Ramen noodles for lunch at Takashi on a cold winter Sunday to remind us of our summer trip to Japan, Chicago

9. Lunch at Slanted Door with 3 of our closest friends, inviting them to our small family wedding, San Francisco

10. Chipirinas (grilled baby octopus) & Clerico (sangria) laying on beach on honeymoon, Uruguay